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Gear pumps Vivoil
Gear pumps are commonly used in stationary and mobile hydraulics. Their function is to transform mechanical energy (torque, rotation speed) into hydraulic energy (flow rate, pressure). Pumps are available in aluminium version or enhanced version - with iron cast covers.
Displacement of the offered pumps is from 0,16 to 87 cm3 and the maximum working pressure is up to 300 bar.
Rotation speed range: from 700 to 9000 rev/ min (depending on displacement of the pump).

Gear pumps are very popular in hydraulic systems because of:
  • high pressure parameters at low weight,
  • good price,
  • wide range of rotation speed,
  • wide range of working temperature and viscosity of the liquid.
We offer gear pumps produced by Italian VIVOIL - since 2002 we've been an official dealer of this company on Polish market.
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