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Hydraulic accumulators
Hydraulic accumulators allow for a considerable accumulation of energy within confined spaces in hydraulic circuts and spending it according to the needs. It’s function is similar to the spring in mechanics or condensator in electrics.

The most popular hydraulic accumulators applications:
  • accumulating and spending energy (pressure and flow) in the different phases of the cycle of hydraulic circuit,
  • emergency energy source,
  • pulsation and hydraulic shocks damper,
  • volume and pressure compensator,
  • hydraulic spring,
  • fluid separator (transfering the energy).

Hydraulic accumulators allow for:
  • lowering the cost of maintenance,
  • lowering the pulsation and the noise,
  • working improvement,
  • extensing life cycle period free from breakdowns.

In 2009 we started cooperation with EPE Italiana, the company which launches its products on the market under EPOLL’s brand. Our offer includes:
  • hydraulic diaphragm accumulators,
  • hydraulic bladder accumulators,
  • hydraulic piston accumulators,
  • safety blocks,
  • accessories for checking and filling the accumulators,
  • additional gas bottels,
  • accumulator stations,
  • accumulator clamps and support rings.

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