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HYDRO Quality Policy

HYDRO Quality Policy

Quality is...

"...a degree of perfection." (Plato)
"...anything that can be improved." (Masaaki Imai)  

The purpose of our business is to provide quality power hydraulics products, components and repair services. Requirements and expectations of our Customers determine the direction of our business. Skills supported with experience and implementing relevant remarks from Customers guarantee satisfaction of the current recipients and become a recommendation for the future ones.

The implementation of ISO 14001:2004  environmental management system prevents from contaminations, minimizes the negative impact on the environment and is environmentally friendly.

The quality and environmental policy we realize through:

[lib] ptaszek.gifidentifying and fulfill the expectations of our clients,
[lib] ptaszek.gifpreventing selling the products that are not meet with the specified requirements,
[lib] ptaszek.gifproviding an experienced and qualified personnel,
[lib] ptaszek.gifmodernization of machines and implementation of modern technologies in order to improve the quality
[lib] x.gif   of our products,
[lib] ptaszek.gifconstant development and improvement of management system based on the
[lib] x.gif    ISO 14001:2004 requirements,
[lib] ptaszek.gifimproving the communication system with customer,
[lib] ptaszek.giftightening, mutually beneficial, relations with our suppliers.