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Mounting subplates and manifolds

Mounting subplates and manifolds are used almost in every hydraulic system. We suggest solutions for valves and directional control valves with mounting plates, we offer elements which enable to mount tubes, plates, cartridge valves or other subplates.

In our offer you can find modular subplates, single station subplates and manifolds (size NG6 - NG32) and multi-station elements (sizes NG6 and NG10). Multi-station subplates can be parallel or in-line mounted. The converter, adapter and special subplates are also available.
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The offered elements are both standardized subplates and manifolds with dimensions regarding to ISO-6 and ISO-32 (Cetop 3-9) and according to ISO 4401, DIN 24340, as well as special elements made for valves or directional control valves.

We provide subplates and manifolds with different configurations, port options including relief valve cavity. Additional, special plugs increase the application of the standard plates and subplates. Most of the subplates can be made of steel with protective coating (standard version) or made of aluminum.

For more information see a catalogue below.
  • Catalogue: Mounting subplates
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