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Comatrol - check valves, cartridge type
CV04-NB, CV08-NP, CP100-3, CP102-1, 3C12-01, 3C50-01, 3CM11-01, RS 06, 2RN11-01
Check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction.
We offer the following types of Comatrol valves:
  • Standard check valves, suitable for most applications, have fully guided poppets which always block flow from 2 to 1.
  • Reverse flow check valves are useful for higher pressure applications or where housing or size constraints require this flow path.
  • Slip-in style check valves are cartridges that drop into small cavities and are ideal for use in manifolds where space saving is critical.  
  • In-line check valves, which can be used to simplify machine plumbing.
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The main parameters of offered check valves:
  • Flow range: 3 - 380 l/min
  • Pressure range: 140 - 350 bar

Check valves have many common applications, including:
  • Low pressure relief valve
  • Bypass for filter elements
  • Logic for load-sensing circuits
  • Anti-cavitation or make-up
  • Load holding

For more information see technical data below.
  • Technical data: Check valves - Comatrol
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