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Screw pumps - SMT16B series
Settima SMT16B

Settima SMT16B three screw pumps are designed to avoid any pulsation, to ensure smooth operation and to reduce the level of acoustic emission. These pumps are mounted to the motor with couplings and may be widely used in all applications with working pressure up to 40 bar, such as lube and greasing systems, filtraton services, power hydraulics, marine, petrochemical, food industry and many more.
One of their significant advantages is low noise operation.

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  • Displacement: from 4 to 5500 l/min
  • Max working pressure: up to 40 bar
  • Inlet pressure: from -0,7 to 3 bar
  • Speed: from 500 to 3600 rev./min
  • Noise level: from 52 to 63 dB at 2950 rev./min
  • Working temperature: from -50°C to 300°C
  • Viscosity: from 10 to 10000 cSt
  • Catalogue: Settima SMT16B series
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