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Orbital motors - MAR series
MAR 50, MAR 80, MAR 100, MAR 125, MAR 160, MAR 200, MAR 250, MAR 315, MAR 400
A series of orbital motors with internal gearing, designed for continuous or intermittent work. Strenghtened version of one of the most popular and compact constructions, appreciated mainly due to a very good ratio of dimensions to the power, what allows for mounting in applications where space is limited. As a result, they are widely used in mobile and stationary applications requiring higher operating parameters than the MAP series.
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General specification:
  • Displacement: from 51,2 to 396,5 cm3/rev.
  • Max constant pressure at the input: 175 bar
  • Max speed (depending on the displacement): up to 770 rev./min
  • Max torque on the shaft (depending on the kind of the shaft): up to 770 Nm
  • Max constant motor power (depending on the displacement): up to 12,6 kW
Parameters above for continuous operation.

For more information see technical data below.
  • Technical data: Orbital motors - MAR series (7 MB)
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