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Orbital motors - MAH series
MAH 125, MAH 160, MAH 200, MAH 250, MAH 315, MAH 400, MAH 500
A series of orbital motors with internal gearing, designed for continous or intermittent work. Another version of one of the most popular and compact constructions, appreciated mainly for their very good power-to-size ratio, what makes them suitable especially for apllications where space is limited. This series includes untypical version of cylindrical shaft ø 35.
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General specification:
  • Displacement: from 124,9 to 489,2 cm3/rev.
  • Max constant pressure at the input: 200 bar
  • Max speed (depending on the displacement): up to 383 rev./min
  • Max torque on the shaft (depending on the kind of the shaft): up to 950 Nm
  • Max constant motor power (depending on the displacement): up to 15,8 kW
Parameters above for continuous operation.

For more information see technical data below.
  • Technical data: Orbital motors - MAH series (3 MB)
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