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In-line Contamination Monitor ICM - subsea

The ICM unit is designed to be permanently mounted on an ROV or other subsea hydraulic system to continually monitor the hydraulic system fluid for both particulate and water contamination.
The ICM presents its results via 2 simple 4-20mA outputs; one represents the NAS cleanliness standard, the other % RH (Relative Humidity).
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Detailed cleanliness information is also available via an RS485 serial data interface. The RS485 interface also provides comprehensive control & setup together with detailed fluid status information on a continual basis to the ROV control system for ultimate performance.

The ICM can operate as a stand-alone unit requiring only 24V, storing tests to its 4000 sample memory. To aid Deck & ROV operators a basic GO / NO GO indicator is clearly visible on the outside of the unit which can be monitored by an ROV camera.

The ICM can be set to continually or periodically conduct tests with pre-set pass parameters or conduct individual tests when commanded by an RS485 link or digital pulse from the ROV.

The ICM is compatible with common ROV hydraulic fluids either mineral oil or synthetic based.

For more information - see technical data below.
  • Technical data: In-line Contamination Monitor ICM - subsea
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