In September 2013 we became an official sponsor of the female volleyball team BKS Profi Credit from Bielsko-Biala. Our interest in volleyball has developed gradually for several years. In the beginning we rented sports halls for our employees in recreational purposes. Then we built a beach volleyball pitch on the area of the company. The next step was a decision about sponsoring the sports team.

One of the main reasons, that influenced on this decision, was our real passion of volleyball. However, we can clearly notice many similarities in the values of our company and sponsored team – the values that are the guarantee of success in business and in sport, too. But the most important goal of our involvement in sponsoring is to promote healthy, sport lifestyle, that will bring profits to the company, our employees, their families and the whole local community.

Season 2016/2017 will be the fourth year of our cooperation with BKS Profi Credit Team. For last two years the volleyball players have been strongly present in our company’s life: they took a part in trade fairs and photo-sessions, that resulted in business gadgets with their images. Now a lot of our employees go to see matches. We also organized the second Tournament in Volleyball for the Cup of the President of HYDRO, where BKS Profi Credit players also appeared. All that make the relation between our company and BKS Profi Credit Team even stronger.

III Tournament for the Cup of the President of HYDRO:

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