• We are a company with fully Polish capital, actively working on Polish and international market for 30 years.
  • For many years we've been appreciated as dynamically growing and trustworthy company, whose motto is reliability and transparency of action. It is certified by numerous awards and certificates.
  • We are the one of the  biggest power hydraulic companies in Poland.
  • We both produce and distribute, what gives us knowledge about these activities.
  • We appreciate loyal and reliable Customers - they always can count on special offers and service from us.
  • We are flexible - in case of enquires on wholesale quantities, we are able to offer special delivery terms.
  • We offer nice and professional service.
  • Thanks to our experience in the field, responsibility and timeliness, we won the trust and renown among well-known and valued manufacturers, such as: TRANSFER OIL, IMM, ATOS, MTC, MP FILTRI, EUROSNODI, BLB, GUARNITEC, VIVOIL,CAST, STUCCHI and many others.
  • We are direct importer based on the of exclusive representation. It guarantees that our products are of high quality and with the lowest prices on the market.
  • The aim of the company is supplying the highest level products and services to the Customers. Our offer is based only on verified European products.
  • Currently all departments are located in the same area, what ensures efficient and quick execution of the orders.
  • We have our own construction department, what allows for designing new hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. Thanks to it, we are flexible to individual customers' requirements.
  • Approximately 90% of distributed products is offered directly from the stock. It is essential for us to maintain and systematically increase the warehouse stock, what allows for most orders to be done even on the same day. 95% of the incoming orders is shipped the same day, they were received.
  • We ship the goods we sell on very attractive terms. In case of shipments of high value, we can ship on our cost.
  • We have full technical documentation of our goods.
  • We are flexible and we know the market needs.
  • We will be better and better, because we realize what still has to be done. Time is on our side.
HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Strażacka 60
43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
VAT no.: PL 547-01-70-044
REGON: 008093410
Phone:    +48 33 829 56 87
e-mail: biuro@hydro.com.pl
Regional Operating Program of Silesian Voivodship