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Proportional pressure control cartridges
Proportional pressure control cartridges manufactured by ATOS, available in various configurations:
  • LICZO, LIMZO, LIRZO - 2-way, digital, pressure compensator, relief, reducing open loop functions, with integral pressure transducer (optional) or not.
  • LIQZO, LIQZP - proportional 2-way or 3-way throttle cartridges, with two position transducers.
For more information see technical data below.
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  • Technical data: LICZO, LIMZO, LIRZO, -A, -AEB, -AES
  • Technical data: LICZO, LIMZO, LIRZO, -R, -REB, -RES - with integral pressure transducer
  • Technical data: LIQZO-L, LIQZP-L - 2-way, two position transducers
  • Technical data: LIQZO-L, LIQZP-L - 3-way, two position transducers
  • Technical data: LIQZO, LIQZP-LEB, -LES - 2-way, with integral electronics
  • Technical data: LIQZO, LIQZP-LEB, -LES - 3-way servoproportional cartridges, with integral electronics
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